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Parents: Share Your Story!

Help California Reinvest in Child Care

This year’s state budget finally brought an end to years of cuts to childcare services—great news for parents who know that child care is essential to being able to go to work or school knowing their children are in familiar environments where they are safe and learning.

But families are still hurting. Cuts from the last several years have left over 300,000 children on a waiting list. Thousands of parents do not have the ability to rebuild their lives. Now that California is no longer in a budget deficit we must take action to rebuild child care!

You can help—share your story about why child care is important to you!

In the space to the right, tell us how:

1. Your life has improved because of available child care, OR

2. How you have been hurt due to the lack of services.

As a single parent, I always wanted to pursue my college degree in elementary education, but the cost of child care made it unaffordable. My life changed when I was able to have access to the child care provided by Lil Nancy's Daycare in Oakland. Now I can go to school knowing my child is in a safe, loving environment where she is learning. Because of the child care services we receive I feel like we have the means to a better future.

—Charisse Connolly, Oakland, CA