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With California's unemployment rate of 11%, we need to be doing everything we can to keep parents working and supporting their families. Instead, the governor is proposing cuts that would permanently change the face of childcare, leaving tens of thousands of children without care, and forcing more single parents out of their jobs.

The proposed cuts to childcare will force many parents to choose between terrible options. Do they;
  • Quit their job,
  • Drop out of school, or
  • Leave their children home alone?

Since 2008, California has dropped more than 100,000 children from child care services. This year the governor is proposing the worst cuts yet; a drop of 30,000 more spaces, to go along with rate cuts that will force a large percentage of providers out of business, permanently affecting parent’s ability to access affordable childcare.

We need to tell the California Senate and Assembly Budget Committees, "We can't take any more cuts to child care! California families need your support to ensure our children receive quality child care and parents are able to keep working."

Help us deliver our message before June 15. Sign our petition today!