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Sign the Petition to Urge Our Elected Officials to Fix Our Broken Child Care System

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"As parents, family members and Californians, we are deeply concerned that our state child care system is broken.

The ongoing economic crisis and budget cuts have been devastating to children and families throughout our state. Thousands have lost their jobs, homes and access to vital public services.

Making the situation even worse is the growing shortage of reliable, affordable child care.
In 2010, 14% of California child care providers closed their doors for good. Inefficiencies and unnecessary red tape make it harder for providers to keep their heads above water and stay in business, hurting everyone in our communities.

Improving California's child care system helps our economy: it would be a win-win for small business owners and working families who need reliable, affordable child care to get back to work, pull themselves out of financial crisis and into a better situation.

As our elected state officials, you have the power to do something about it. We urge you to take action to fix our broken child care system."