Child Care Providers United


I want to help fix California's broken child care system and go...

Every child deserves quality care and early education. Child care providers play a vital role in the development of California's children; they prepare our children for school and enable working parents to provide for their families and contribute to our economy. They are hard-working professionals who deserve respect – and a voice. Child care providers are coming together to improve the care and education of our future generation, but they can't do it alone. That's why I'm going “all in to win” for child care providers and working families in California.

By signing up to receive updates about child care providers' efforts to fix California's broken child care system, I agree that:

• Working parents rely on having quality, affordable child care.

• A strong child care system is a key to our state’s economic recovery.

• I will do everything I can to help child care providers in their efforts to win collective bargaining rights so they will have a stronger voice for the families who rely on their services.